Vital Signs Independent Study

Download the Independent Study document BELOW!

This independent study can be used to extend students' work with Vital Signs both in and out of the classroom. The independent study allows students to drive their own investigation, acting like scientists, and using Mission questions to explore the environment around them.

The goal of the independent study is to allow students to use Vital Signs to further their experimental design skills.

There are two main components to the attached document:
(1) The first two pages is a handout for students explaining the Independent Study and giving recommended ways to go about the experience and the requirements for the final presentation. The current form of the independent study has students creating a formal research report after they have conducted their experiment. Students do extensive amounts of writing in English class, but they rarely have the opportunity to write in science class. This independent study is designed, in part, to give students an opportunity to do some science writing and experimental design--making arguments with evidence from research they have conducted.
(2) The last two pages of the document are a suggested assessment checklist for you, the teacher, to use as a guide for assessing student work. Please take those last two pages as simply a suggestion; provide comments and feedback on top of the checklist to allow students to better understand their work and mistakes.

As always, this activity is licensed under CC:BY, so feel free to change the assignment around as much or as little as you want! Change it to best fit your class and whatever you need!

Please comment with any suggestions for improvement or to share how you used this independent study in your class.

Project Information
Grade Level: 
Middle school (grades 6-8)
High school (grades 9-12)
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Vital Signs Independent Study, Morrisseau/Rubel/Voyer, 19 July 2013