Vital Signs Equipment Fashion Show

These are the materials you will need for a successful Vital Signs Submission.

Camera Man-61jd6
Model #1-61qt15
Model #2-61jc4
Model #3-61zm17

Project Information
City or Town: 
School or Organization: 
Massabesic Middle School
Upland - Developed areas
Resources I used to create this project: 
Canon Powershot,Quadrat,flag,bag,meter stick,waders,notebook,cameraMMS
How should others reference your work?: 
Vital Signs Equipment Fashion Show
See video


I just watched your video. I love it! You guys looks very stylish in your waders. Definitely a great touch.

Nice job showcasing the various pieces of equipment that somebody might want to use when going out for VS species observations. I love how you described what each thing would be used for. (Everybody needs a sweatshirt when going out on a Vital Signs trip!) Only thing you forgot to show off was a snack to eat after your long day of making species observations! :)

It was great to see a runway in nature - definitely something that every Vital Signs fashion show needs! I think that you guys should definitely take your show to TV and help advertise how stylish Vital Signs really is! All of you show amazing runway style.

Keep up the great work. The video is spectacular, and I see that all five of you really love the Vital Signs program. I hope to see more exciting projects and species observations in the future!

I'm excited to see this Equipment Fashion Show! Can you update the privacy settings on YouTube to make it public so we can all see it?