Vital Communities Online PD Module

Goals for this anytime anywhere module:
1. Become familiar with the Vital Communities Curriculum Extension.
2. For you to be excited to empower your students as environmental leaders in their communities through the Vital Communities curriculum.
3. For you to be comfortable and confident to start engaging your students in an open-ended process that empowers them as the designers and problem-solvers.

The Vital Communities curriculum came out of work funded in part by Leonard C. and Mildred F. Ferguson Foundation and the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund (MOHF). The goal of this work was to develop some next steps to the Vital Signs experience that would work toward three objectives:
• For students to learn science practices and content through authentic science investigations and engagement in the Vital Signs community of practice
• For students to be empowered as environmental leaders in their communities, and to energize community-based environmental monitoring efforts, contributing data and community power on invasive species and ecosystem changes
• For students and educators to share their experiences to help other classrooms and communities to engage in similar efforts.

Over the course of the work you do in this module you will explore the curriculum unit extension and reflect on how you would like to support students in becoming environmental leaders in their community through their VS work. You will post your reflections to this Vital Signs Educator forum.

Project Information
Grade Level: 
Professional development
Resources I used: 
In designing this curriculum we used KIDS Consortium service-learning framework and KIDS as Planners as one of the guiding resources. We highly recommend this book as an additional resource.
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