Strawberries in soil vs aquaponics system

We have an aquaponics system in our classroom. We have been growing many different kinds of plants including strawberries. We have kept data to help us come up with our final decision if strawberries would grow better in soil or in our aquaponics system.

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Gorham Middle School
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gmsmayfly, Strawberries in soil vs aquaponics system, Vital Signs Program, 01/15.18


Results: Your graph is a good choice to compare scores, but I don't know what the scores mean. You need to explain what "zero," "one," and "two" mean.

Discussion and Conclusions: You explained several factors that might have impacted your data, and you posed an additional question. Well done! You could strengthen your conclusion by explaining how your findings can help the local strawberry farmers you mentioned in your first paragraph. I am impressed that you grew strawberries in an aquaponics system! Do your local strawberry farmers already use aquaponic systems? Do you think they should?

The graph makes it easier to understand the experiment. Knows that the experiment could have been done differently.

High-quality thinking and great use of details made this a very successful piece of writing.