Strawberries In Aquaponics vs. Soil

We have an aquaponics system in our classroom. We have grown many different types of plants including strawberries. We have kept data to help us come up with our final decision if strawberries would grow better in soil or in our aquaponics system.

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Gorham Middle School
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gmsleech ,Strawberries In Aquaponics vs. Soil, Vital Signs Program, 01/18/18


We can tell she enjoyed doing the experiment. She knows how to improve the experiment. The graph is difficult to read. We don't know what an aquaponics system is.

This article is not recommended for publication because it does not have an obvious introduction with background information and it does not have a methods section so no one could reproduce the study.

The stars and steps form was not used since there was so much missing information.

West H

Hi West H,

Thank you for taking time to look at this article. Since this article is in the "abbreviated format" it is ok that there is no abstract, introduction, or methods. Can you use the stars and steps to review the results and conclusions only?

Thank you!


I thought this was amazing and I really learned a lot