Stationary Feeders Attract More Birds than Routinely Moved Feeders

The purpose of this experiment was to study birds foraging habits and test their ability to follow feeding patterns. I set up two tube feeders; one of which would rotate between three different feeding locations and the other feeder that would be stationary. The stationary feeder served as a baseline to compare to my mobile feeder data. Every three days I measured and recording the amount of seed eaten and refilled the feeders.
My results showed that more birds were attracted to the stationary feeder. One explanation is that the stationary feeder served as a stable source of food, unlike the mobile feeder that changed locations every three to four days, making it more difficult for birds to find the seed.

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Center for Teaching and Learning
Upland - Forest
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I think you did nicely on adding just enough information and detail where it made the article make sense. There was great evidence about how you went through the process, about finding how birds like to feed.
One thing that you could make stronger is have better details without repeating yourself because through your process of explaining what you did you it started to get confusing.
Your last paragraph was good, but you could make it better by making your wording a little clearer so people like us can read it and understand.
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