Invasive Specieswinter moth

Operophtera spp.
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Cape Elizabeth
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Field Notes
I've been seeing these small, light brown moths in headlights lately. This one followed me inside. I chased it around for a while, gave up, then found it resting near the ceiling. I'm not sure whether this is invasive winter moth or its dear native cousin Bruce, but I wanted to document it just in case. I've heard there are efforts really close by in Cape Elizabeth at Two Lights State park to manage the winter moth. I think I'll try wrapping my apple trees this week to see if they're being affected.
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
The moth I found near my ceiling is small (slightly bigger than a quarter) and tan. It has bands of darker brown, and fringes on the bottom of its wings. It's antennae are not feathery. It's a boy! (it has wings)
Photo of my evidence.
Here he is posing for the camera with his wings together. It's tough to photograph small moths, especially when they're on the ceiling. Does anyone have any tips for me? Or maybe someone wants to give me an awesome camera to use!
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I think I found it
Scientific name:
Operophtera spp.
Common name:
winter moth
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Just looking around
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N 43.567885 °
W -70.223939 °
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Richmond Terrace
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Mon, 2013-11-11 20:20
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Cape Elizabeth
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Species Survey


Can you find my moth in my site photo?

I can't find it!!

if you tape your trees, you should for sure post your results.

nighty nighty to your and your moth friends.