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Fallopia japonica
FOUND by gbh
Cape Elizabeth
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Field Notes
I was out at Kettle Cove for a walk after work and saw this suspicious stand. I didn't have a species card with me, so decided to take a video to look at later. This is my first observation made from a video. Thought it might be an interesting experiment.
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
If you look in the part of this picture where the snow is, you can see two important characteristics of F. japonica. You can see the leftover stems of last year's flower bunches AND you can see the zigzag growth habit of Fallopian branches. You can also see my shadow. This stand was tall, but not tall enough to make me suspect F. sachalinensis. I estimate that this stand was around 2 meters tall.
Photo of my evidence.
Here is another view of the ziggy zaggy branches - look at the branches in front of the tops of the evergreen trees.
Species Observation: Species Looked For
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I think I found it
Scientific name:
Fallopia japonica
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Sampling method: 
Just looking around
Photo of our sampling method.
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N 43.562582 °
W -70.218847 °
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A photo of our study site.
Upland - Developed areas
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Kettle Cove
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Fri, 2013-03-22 11:01
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Cape Elizabeth
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Species Survey


When I made this observation, I did so under the Latin name of Fallopia japonica. The Vital Signs program generates the common name. And, like many common names, "bamboo" is a very confusing one for this species!

Thanks for pointing that out!


fallopia japonica isn't bamboo, the stems are only similar. Just saying.