Native SpeciesDragonfly nymph

Anisoptera (infraorder)
FOUND by MsSciGr2a
ID Confirmed
Quality checked by Addison J
Peer reviewed by Addison J
Field Notes
I am happy because I am not wet. Question and problems I ran.i ran Into some one and dropped the Lizard. I saw heared and smelt Dirt, water splashing and tree's.
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
The dragonfly nymph has the same leg's.
Photo of my evidence.
The driagonfly nymph has the same color as the picture.
Photo of my evidence.
The dragonfly nymph has the same gills near the bottom just like the picture.
Species Observation: Species Looked For
Did you find it?: 
I think I found it
Scientific name:
Anisoptera (infraorder)
Common name:
Dragonfly nymph
Count of individuals: 
Less than 1/4 covered
How big is it?: 
2 - 5 cm
Is it male or female?: 
Can't tell
Sampling method: 
Quadrat (randomized- placement)
Photo of our sampling method.
Place Studied
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Map this species
N 44.312900 °
W -69.042100 °
Observation Site Information
A photo of our study site.
Freshwater - In a stream or river
Trip Information
Ducktrap River at Tanglewood
Trip date: 
Wed, 2017-09-27 09:45
Town or city: 
Type of investigation: 
Species and Habitat Survey
Eastern Coastal
MIDAS Code: 
Habitat Observations
Species diversity: 
5 different species
Evidence of vectors: 
Dirt road
Walking trail
Recent disturbance
Water temperature: 
Dissolved oxygen: 


You say in your field notes that you dropped a lizard. Was it actually a salamander? Salamanders are very cool. They are amphibians like frogs, but do kind of have the body shape of a lizard. BUT Lizards are reptiles. Amphibians and reptiles are often described as a group called herpetofauna (or herps for short) probably because some scientists and naturalists study both groups, or maybe because they are both ectotherms (or cold blooded). But amphibians and reptiles are actually quite different. In Maine, the only reptiles we have are snakes and turtles (no native lizards).

You can read more about Maine's reptiles and amphibians here One little note about this link. One sentence makes it sound like the salamander species, mudpuppies (a cool type of salamander that is native to the US including parts of the Northeast but not Maine), is a reptile. Mudpuppies are a type of salamander and therefore an amphibian.

Macroinvertebrates are very cool, and I hope you enjoyed looking for them. Amphibians, especially salamanders, are also very cool, and I hope this comment gets you excited to learn more about them, too.

Thanks for sharing!