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Victoria Boundy from Casco Bay Estuary Partnership just shared this with a group of teachers and I thought it should live here too!

"The State of Maine Departmental of Environmental Protection has created environmental education curricula for Maine students in middle and high school to enhance their education about environmental stewardship and career opportunities in the environmental regulatory field in Maine.

Lesson plans covering 14 different topics are available for your use, including nine middle school and five high school level lessons. Each lesson is designed to address a given Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS).
Here's the link!"

Hi all, this is off topic, but please consider completing our educator survey. We would love feedback from educators broadly

This feedback helps us improve our program. I am hoping to get 100 responses :)

Thanks all!!


Equipment to get started macroinvertebrate collecting can seem overwhelming. D-nets can be upwards of $70, fancy kicknets even more. Do not despair! There are a number of resources on making your own equipment and over the holiday break I made kick nets for my students from the dragonfly woman blog. (Also, this lady is so psyched about macros!)
I am excited to use our new kicknets this spring with students and wanted to share for those interested in buying some inexpensive materials and sitting at the sewing machine for a bit (not that long!) And guess what, if you don't want to do that I went out with a family of 4 kids who each had their own plastic cleaned hummus container, and watched a 5 year old catch a camouflaged dragonfly nymph. So awesome.
May your waters be clean, and full of insects.

For easy access, here were the two activities that Meggie and I did at the meeting: - Meggie is updating this one with some new photos I think.

And Boom Quiz Quiz Trade -

Hi Folks,
I just posted a simplified version of the Species Survey for Freshwater Habitats. It includes everything that is needed to upload to the VS database, but is presented in a version I use with 4th and 5th graders.
Hope all is well!

Science Friday Spoonfuls are doses of current science, technology, and engineering stories ready for the classroom. Each Spoonful contains a short piece of media (article, video, radio interview), a transcript (for video and radio), student questions, and activity suggestions for extending student exploration into the science behind the story.

Introduce your students to the circadian rhythm of microbes, the astronomer who pinned down the elusive Planet Nine, or even the researchers who created a 3D-printed glove that can give you different fingerprints! With brand new stories each week, you can find one that aligns to a concept you’re getting ready to teach or you can simply use them to bring more STEM news into the classroom.

Spoonfuls are tagged with subject area and topic alignments. Simply search for your topic in the Spoonfuls search bar (located in the upper right corner) or use the ‘Archive’ link at the bottom of the homepage to look through all the stories.