Sasquatch, the hunt

Two brave men from Massabesic Middle School attempt to do the impossible, capture and identify Sasquatch.

Project Information
City or Town: 
Waterboro, Maine
School or Organization: 
Massabesic Middle School
Upland - Forest
Resources I used to create this project: 
Camera, Quadrat, Ruler, Notebook.
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First off, thank you Christian, Philip and Russell for your effort to find Sasquatch. It is great to see you guys going out and hunting for this mystic beast of the East.

Second, thanks for covering your face! Nice job following the Vital Signs rules. You guys did an amazing job following the Vital Signs species procedures for documentation. I love how you even took your quadrat around the world with you!

I also admire your dedication to go out and find Sasquatch. You seem to have really done your research and traveled to the appropriate places around the world to continue the search. (I would have never thought that Sasquatch would be in Berlin! Great idea to look there!) Both of you went on a pretty big adventure.

It looks like Sasquatch definitely has a big foot. Given that he is two meters tall, a foot of that size would be really big on a body like that. Why do you think Sasquatch might need to have such big feet? He does have the nickname "Big Foot"!

Also, the hair on Sasquatch is an impressive find. It looks like it would be difficult to spot, but I love how you were able to find it and document it. It is key to our understanding of this mysterious beast. Do you think it means that Sasquatch is a mammal? I think it does. Why do you think it is black? Animals evolve to happen special colors for a reason, so what is the reason for the black hair color on Sasquatch? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Watching this video has been very educational for me. I never knew so much about Sasquatch. Now, how exactly does Sasquatch teleport? I find that to be one of the most interesting things that I learned. He seems to be the only beast that has such powers. I understand why it might be advantageous in the wild - escaping from predators, finding new homes, etc. Why do you think that no other species have the ability to teleport? It seems that advantageous traits (like bioluminescence) can evolve separately in different kinds of animals, so I am surprised that teleportation is not seen in more species. Maybe we just need to wait.

Thanks for all of your hard work. You got really close to finding Sasquatch. I am sorry you couldn't catch him this time! I hope you guys continue the search and document your process on Vital Signs. I cannot wait to watch "Sasquatch, the hunt, part two."

You should submit your video to the International Society of Cryptozoology. They would love to hear your findings. Cryptozoology is a fascinating field, and I am glad that you guys have an interest in it.

Thanks again, and I cannot wait to read more about your adventures.


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