Project: Species ID Card


Author an ID Card!

Did you find a native or invasive species in the field and no species ID card to help identify it? You can make and share your own ID card!

Here's how

1. Grab a Species ID Card to check out the type of information that goes on these cards

  • What written evidence helps you identify the species?
  • What photo evidence helps you identify the species?

2. Describe the key features of YOUR species.

  • Be sure to include the characteristics that help you tell it apart from similar-looking species.

3. Take or find photos of your species:

  • Taking photos yourself? Make a checklist of key features that you want to document with photos. Take extras, so you have many to choose from.
  • If you use photos other's have taken, be sure you have permission or that they have a creative commons license. Make sure to attribute photos to the source.


4. Turn your information and photos into a species ID card that anyone in the Vital Signs community can use!

  • Put your information into a format like the ID cards you used as examples in step 1.
  • Have others review your card for clarity. Make edits.
  • Post to the Project Bank for others to use!