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Videos: How-to How to Draw a Coyote Learn how to draw a coyote easily, step by step. From drawing the line-art, inking, and finally coloring. 2013-03-08 42kd 2
Videos: How-to Vital Signs Equipment Fashion Show These are the materials you will need for a successful Vital Signs Submission. Camera Man-61jd6 Host-61ct22 Model #1-61qt15 Model #2-61jc4 Model #3-61zm17 2012-06-08 61jc4 2
Videos: How-to How to Draw an Invasive Species I did a video on How to Draw a Scentific Drawing. The invasive species that I picked to draw is a Dandelion. 2013-05-23 ahale12 0
Videos: How-to Let's Find a Species! This video is filmed from the perspective of a strapping young chap named Ashton. Ashton wants to find Japanese Barberry but doesn't know how. So he calls up some "invasive species experts". The next day two even more strapping lads show up and teach Ashton how to find a species. 2013-05-23 bignatethegreat 0
Videos: How-to, Videos: Species Fallopia Japonica, How To Make a Quadrat & Accessorize a Clipboard Part 1 of a scientific study of the invasive species, Fallopia japonica, commonly known as Japanese knotweed, or false bamboo. This non-native species of Maine was introduced in the 1800s along river banks to cut down erosion. This particular patch has been spreading from yard to yard over the last 17+ years, according to my nextdoor neighbor. This video includes an introduction to the species and a couple How-to spots on making a sampling quadrat and accessorizing a clipboard. 2013-09-30 chapmog 2
Videos: How-to How to Walk in the Woods 2013-05-29 cocampbell 0
Videos: How-to How to Draw an Invasive Species I sketched the Invasive Species of the sugar maple. I used my phone to record the process of sketching this, I also used iMovie to edit and put together my video. 2013-05-23 Cormier 0
Videos: How-to How to Save the Woods A boy named Alex litters and then a boy named Trinin shows him how not to litter. 2013-05-29 dfairfield 0
Videos: How-to Vital Signs How to: Take notes on Speices We showed people how to go out in the field and take notes on whatever species they have. We showed people what pictures they should take to help the scientists at vitalsigns identify your species.We also showed that people will need to take a scientific sketch and everyone with need to know how to take good field notes. 2013-05-23 dlavallee 0
Videos: How-to How to Take a Scientific Photo We have shown how to take a scientific photo. Our video starts off with taking bad photo, and what not to do. Towards the end we show what to do to get a good scientific photo. This will help others better understand what the person is talking about because there is a good scientific photo that supports the claim. 2013-05-23 ekbelanger 2