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Videos: How-to Tutorials - How Vital Signs works! We've put together a series of How-To tutorials for the site. An eclectic cast of characters walks you through everything from data entry to team management. You can find the tutorials listed in the Share Curriculum Resources section. Follow this link: Video tutorials coming soon! Open invitation to make and post a creative How-To of your own!! 2010-11-18 vitalteach 0
Presentations, Videos: How-to DUCK! Equipment needed for VS freshwater investigations Brenna shows us the equipment she and her teammates at Sanford Junior High used to look for invasive aquatic plants at Number One Pond. Click on this link to view the video tutorial (watch out for the flying weed weasel! DUCK!): 2010-12-07 vitalteach 0
Videos: How-to Go for it! Do Vital Signs! This is a Public Service Announcement for Vital Signs that was created by our out-of-school educators/advisors during our April 2011 Institute. Like they say, just get your computer, get your boots, and go for it! 2011-05-02 gmri 0
Videos: How-to Vital Signs Tools of the Trade This is a Public Service Announcement for Vital Signs that was created by our out-of-school educators/advisors during our April 2011 Institute. Nina and Ashley show you the different sampling tools you can use to look for invasive species. 2011-05-04 gmri 0
Videos: How-to 10-minute spring webinar A quick, 10-minute overview of the website enhancements for Vital Signs educators. This includes a refresher for how to set up investigations and team accounts in preparation for the spring field season. 2012-05-14 vitalteach 0
Blog entries, Podcasts, Presentations, News articles, Videos: How-to What's In Your Backyard? Students will investigate the species found on their school campus. Field studies will begin in September and continue throughout the year as the seasons change. Students will write blog entries, document observations with photos and videos, record audio podcasts, post slide show presentations, and link to news articles. The project timeline is as follows: SEPTEMBER 1. Selection of quadrat 2. Register on Vital Signs website 3. List of producers and consumers, diagram food chains and food webs 4. Describe seed dispersal mechanisms and chance of survival OCTOBER 1. 2012-10-08 glendonrand 0
Videos: How-to How-to guide: How to post a project This is a video how-to guide that shows how to post a project to the Vital Signs Project Bank. 2012-11-08 sniffly salamander 0
Videos: How-to How to identify a species using an I.D. card! This short guide tells you how to spot a species in your own backyard using the Identification Cards found right here on Vital Signs! 2013-05-23 jillnetics 0
Videos: How-to Let's Find a Species! This video is filmed from the perspective of a strapping young chap named Ashton. Ashton wants to find Japanese Barberry but doesn't know how. So he calls up some "invasive species experts". The next day two even more strapping lads show up and teach Ashton how to find a species. 2013-05-23 bignatethegreat 0
Videos: How-to Find That Species: Outback Edition This video demonstrates the 5 types of searching by following the escapades of two not-so-expert explorers. After they search incorrectly, the camerawoman comes in and tells them the right way to search for a species. 2013-05-23 Komomo 0