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Videos: How-to

Type Title Description Post date Name Comments
Videos: How-to How to Tie a Wooly Bugger In this video I will be showing you how to tie a fly that mimics several different macroinvertebrates and will help you catch various fish species on your next fly fishing adventure. To view video go to 2018-09-24 flyfishing622 0
Videos: How-to Data Collection and Random Sampling 5th and 6th graders have written and produced a how-to video detailing some of the potential pitfalls of data collection and how random sampling can help. To see the video please go to Thank you 2015-11-19 TomFisher 2
Videos: How-to, Videos: Species Fallopia Japonica, How To Make a Quadrat & Accessorize a Clipboard Part 1 of a scientific study of the invasive species, Fallopia japonica, commonly known as Japanese knotweed, or false bamboo. This non-native species of Maine was introduced in the 1800s along river banks to cut down erosion. This particular patch has been spreading from yard to yard over the last 17+ years, according to my nextdoor neighbor. This video includes an introduction to the species and a couple How-to spots on making a sampling quadrat and accessorizing a clipboard. 2013-09-30 chapmog 2
Videos: How-to How to Save the Woods A boy named Alex litters and then a boy named Trinin shows him how not to litter. 2013-05-29 dfairfield 0
Videos: How-to How to Walk in the Woods 2013-05-29 cocampbell 0
Videos: How-to How to do a Scientific Sketch 2013-05-28 Monroe 0
Videos: How-to How to Search for a Species The video gives instruction on how to go about searching for your species once you have chosen a Vital Signs mission. 2013-05-25 sblack6 1
Videos: How-to How to Draw an Invasive Species How to sketch an invaive specise 2013-05-23 Perkins 0
Videos: How-to How to Draw an Invasive Species I did a video on How to Draw a Scentific Drawing. The invasive species that I picked to draw is a Dandelion. 2013-05-23 ahale12 0
Videos: How-to How to Draw an Invasive Species I sketched the Invasive Species of the sugar maple. I used my phone to record the process of sketching this, I also used iMovie to edit and put together my video. 2013-05-23 Cormier 0