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Species Cards, Research reports Hemerocallis—Daylily We have done a study at Massabesic Middle School, in which we were assigned quadrats, and asked to pick out a plant from our quadrat and identify it, then submit our findings to Vital Signs. I have identified my plant, but I found that the species of my plant (Daylily) was not on a species card, so I thought that it would be appropriate to submit my findings this way. 2011-01-31 6EL14 4
Research reports Running Clubmoss Our class goal is to identify every plant on campus. To do this, we will have to go outside more than once and choose plants that haven't been identified yet. The plant that I decided to identify, which I think is Running Club Moss, was not on Vital Signs, so I had to submit it as a project. 2011-01-31 7RS19 3
Research reports My Eastern Teaberry Project! My class and I are going outside to investigate our plants on campus. I think I know what my plant is, Winter Green. This plant is not on Vital Signs yet, this is why I am submitting as a project! 2011-01-27 4KL13 3
Research reports American Beech? We went outside to identify plant on MMS campus. I think my plant is American Beech. I have reason to believe it is. American Beech is not on Vital Signs so I am submitting as a project. 2011-01-27 4CD8 3
Research reports Eastern Teaberry Our 7th grade team is working on identifying all the types of species in the school campus. I chose a plant and it's not on vitals signs, but I think I know what it is. 2011-01-26 4AN17 1
Research reports Juniper Plant Identifying We are trying to identify all the plants on the Massabesic Middle School campus in East Waterboro Maine. We have went outside a few times and I have found a plant. The plant was called Juniper and I have to submit it this way. My plant is not on vital signs so this is the only way I can submit. 2011-01-24 4CH12 0
Research reports Fraxinus americana We are trying to identify all of the plants on the Massabesic Middle School grounds. My plant is White Ash and the scientific name for it is Fraxinus americana. I am hoping that I can submit this way. 2011-01-20 4EL15 1
Research reports Betula populifolia We went outside on a cold day to try to identify a plant on campus. Our goal for this is to eventually, in a few years, identify all the plants on campus. The dates we went outside were October 24th and November 1st. The temperatures were 15.8 degrees and 9 degrees. The humidity on those dates were 36% and 65%. The wind speed on one day was 0.3 mph. The soil temperature on that same day was 8.4 degrees c. My quadrat was near the road. The quadrat we used was a 5 m by 5 m. We took pictures of our plants and quadrat. Then we downloaded those pictures onto our laptops to try to identify them. 2011-01-18 4RF9 3
Research reports Japanese Barberry Japanese Barberry is an invasive species inhabited in Maine. Scientifically known as Berberis Thunbergii, the species grows up to two meters tall and changes its appearance through the seasons. In April, you will identify small white flowers and green leaves. After September, you will find bright red berries and the leaves will have turned a purplish red. The leaf arrangement is alternate, leaf type is simple, leaf shape is oval, and the leaf edge is smooth. The species was introduced to the US as a decorative plant in 1875. 2010-10-25 Pink Flying Bananas 3
Research reports The Hunt for Knotweed Our science class went out into a small closed in field behind our school to find some invasive species. Our group decided to look for Japanese Knotweed 2010-10-25 Awesomee Possums 4