Loostestrife Newscast

A short newscast explaining our mission at Massabesic Middle School. This is also my entry for the creative kid invasion contest. it explains loostestrife, Galerucella and japanese beetles.

Project Information
City or Town: 
School or Organization: 
Massabesic middle school
Scientific name:
Lythrum salicaria
Common name:
Purple loosestrife
Freshwater - On a wetland
See video


I'm staying tuned to 62jw5! Awesome newscast.

Will you do another newscast when the loosestrife starts to grow this spring, or maybe when you raise and release those beetles?

...and you should go put a link to this newscast on the Field Missions pages to people can see it there, too! (http://vitalsignsme.org/mission-hungry-beetles & http://vitalsignsme.org/mission-massabesic)

Keep reporting!

Thanks for enjoying my newscast, it took a lot of tries to get it as good as i could get it. I most definitely try to make another one when we release the beetles, reporting out what happened and how it went, Thanks again for the awesome feedback!