Invasive Species & Biodiversity Data Investigation

Explore the the research question, "Does an invasive species impact biodiversity?" with the Invasive Species & Biodiversity Vital Signs Data Investigation Curriculum Extension. This extension assumes that you have experience implementing Vital Signs in your classroom and have developed a unit plan around an investigation or use one like the Change Over Time Unit:

This resource does not go into detail of a Vital Signs data collection and publishing. Rather, this describes some ways that you can enhance your existing Vital Signs curriculum with a biodiversity data investigation that deepens student learning around statistical and mathematical thinking, and working with data. This will add approximately an extra week to your Vital Signs unit depending on the length of your current unit, class period length, and whether or not you are collaborating across subject areas.

Please use, adapt, and share how you use these resources in your classroom.

Project Information
Grade Level: 
Middle school (grades 6-8)


These activities are part of the full Biodiversity & Invasive Species Data Investigation curriculum, but can also be found here:

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