Invasion Comics (Garlic Mustard)

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Garlic Mustard is not a bad plant just because it is in a bad place at a bad time. Your cartoons are funny but too complex in conversation. Overall, with a simpler text in your comics it should be fun enough, bijuterii argint.

Garlic mustard was first recorded in the United States about 1868, from Long Island, New York. It was likely introduced by settlers for food or medicinal purposes. Masajes

I liked the cartoon a lot. I really liked the way the garlic plant reaches the conclusion that its existence is not conducive to the development of other plant species. But I would like to point out that every plant species has got its own positive and negative traits. Here only the negative aspects are highlighted. The flower and fruit of garlic plant are consumed by us. The leaves are also used, mostly in salads. Some communities also use them as medicine.

I love how you gave the Garlic Mustard plant personality and helped it understand how bad it is. I learned a lot about this plant. Great job!! I'll definitely be sharing this with my students next year.