The Hundred Acre Woods Trip

In our Magic School Bus with our teacher Ms. Frizzle, my class headed out on an adventure to the Hundred Acre Woods in search of the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB).

We are following Dr. Christine Voyer and Dr. Sarah Mo's field mission that investigates how the ALB harms the honey supply in the Hundred Acre Woods and how, in turn, the supply change would affect Winnie the Pooh. During our trip, we did not find the ALB, but we did find signs of Sasquatch (a very interesting surprise!). We had heard rumors that he lived in Maine, but it is nice to finally see some proof. But, it could have just been a heffalump - we were in the Hundred Acre Woods after all. It was a truly exciting trip and a once in a lifetime memory! The Woods are teeming with wildlife - from pigs to owls to rabbits to tigers.

A few senses that we observed:
Smell - We could smell something cooking, most likely vegetable stew. We saw a garden off in the distance, but our teacher would not let us go over there.
Taste - There were pots of honey (misspelled though as "Hunny") laying around beneath a tree. Mr. Frizzle thought it was awfully suspicious, but we decided to taste some of it. It was definitely honey.
Sound - We heard some bouncing and laughter coming from one of the trees. We were unable to see what was really going on, but it looked like an orange animal of some sort.

It was an amazing trip. The observation is below as a document.

Now that I have you hooked on the Hundred Acre Woods, here comes the sad part of the story. Development in northern Maine is increasing. The town of Sesame borders the Hundred Acre Woods. Their streets are intruding upon the Woods and causing habitat fragmentation. Pollution from the town's main street, Sesame Street, is running off into the creek that runs through the Woods. The pollution comes from excess fertilizers, pet wastes (like from Jeff's dog Blue) and stormwater. Please help support our effort to save the Hundred Acre Woods by signing our petition to encourage Sesame to use low impact development and retrofit current development.

Project Information
City or Town: 
Upland - Forest
Resources I used to create this project: 
Vital Signs, Magic School Bus, Voyer/Mo Field Mission, Species Cards for identification
How should others reference your work?: 
Lookout1, "The Hundred Acre Woods Trip", 25 June 2012