How to Take a Scientific Photo

We have shown how to take a scientific photo. Our video starts off with taking bad photo, and what not to do. Towards the end we show what to do to get a good scientific photo. This will help others better understand what the person is talking about because there is a good scientific photo that supports the claim.

Project Information
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Biddeford High School
Resources I used to create this project: 
camera, ruler, video camera, school courtyard, imovie`
How should others reference your work?: 
ekbelanger,How to Take a Scientific Photo, Vital Signs Program, 05/23/13
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I REALLY like the way that your group chose to put this video together! Really funny yet informative as well!

Great job!

This is awesome!!

Informative and funny.

But I do think it's ok to use a yellow plastic VS ruler in photos :)
Heres one -

Thanks so much for posting. Totally just made my morning with your awesomeness.