Green Crab Population, Size and Impact in our Marine Ecosystem

In our Core Science we went to Reid State Park, Griffins head, and Todds landing to study the green crab population. We did this to see how many green crabs are in our marine ecosystem. The method we used to do this was a catch and release system. We did this through a Legal crab trap. We caught over three hundred crabs and only a handful came back. Most of the crabs we caught where around 7 seven centimeters long. The green crabs are killing most of the animals in are ecosystem. Also if we were to continue doing this I would put more traps out in different places.

Project Information
City or Town: 
Bath, Maine
School or Organization: 
Bath Middle School
Scientific name:
Carcinus maenas
Common name:
Green crab
Resources I used to create this project: 
see my article for works cited.


I recommend your paper for publishing, because your introduction gave good, interesting background information and stated the question clearly. It also said why green crabs are bad for the ecosystem.
Also, in your methods, you did a great job describing all the details of what materials you need to copy the project. Your results supported what you said in your introduction and organized it in a way that made it under stable.