Findings: How much Green Crabs have Grown at Fort Popham and Griffith’s Head

Green crabs have been affecting our ecosystem for as long as they've been in Maine. We are learning about them because we want to now how to get rid of them and because they're destroying our ecosystem. We caught our crabs by using a usual crab trap and caught a lot of crabs. We also put nail polish on the crabs to see if we could catch them again. I analyzed data on every year at Fort Popham and Griffiths Head and put it in a graph. The graphs show that there's been more crabs collected at Fort Popham than Griffiths Head in a short amount of time. My claim is green crabs are affecting our ecosystem and no other species could be affecting it like the green crab is.

Project Information
City or Town: 
School or Organization: 
Bath Middle School
Scientific name:
Carcinus maenas
Common name:
Green crab
Coastal - Rocky intertidal
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See my article for works cited.


Hi crabbydestroyers,

You gave some useful background information on the possible impacts of green crabs on a coastal ecosystem, however the data you collected and represented in this article did not relate to the claim you were making. The notes you included under your graphs talked a lot about change over time, however the graphs you used were not the best representations of this change. We look forward to your future research and thank you for the great work you have started here.

~The Findings Editorial Board

I would not not recommend this paper for publication for the following reasons:
1. The results section is very vague and it is hard to make sence of what he is saying
2. There is no analysis of the data he gathered
3. In the conclusions section the only thing he has to back up his opinion is “the facts” if he could’ve elaborated on it would’ve been more persuasive
4. The way he ended his paper didn’t leave the reader anything to think about it was all dropped down and flat

After reviewing this submission, we do recommend publication at this time because the methods are recent, and all the facts and data match the histograms. Plus, the histograms are clean and easy to read.