FINDINGS: Green Crabs population 2017 Ft. Popham, Reid State Park and Todd’s Landing


Everybody went to Ft. Popham, Reid State Park and Toddś Landing and caught a crazy amount of green crabs. It was unbelievable we can catch crabs that easily. These 5 graphs we have presented show the ratio of male and female. It's kind of confusing because 4 out of the 5 graphs there are more males than females. The graph stating there are females than males is at Fort Popham. We think the water must be warmer at Fort Popham than Griffins Head or Todd´s Landing. Our data show the damaging effect of green crab and what their doing to the environment. We tested the water to determine if it is warm or cold. Also to determine how many males or females their will be and possibly the color.

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Bath Middle School
Scientific name:
Carcinus maenas
Common name:
Green crab
Coastal - Rocky intertidal
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See my article for works cited.


Hi AYCAMOL, Your article makes some strong connections between green crabs, coastal ecosystems, and climate change. However, you do not explain how your data addresses your research question. How does the work that you did collecting data relate to the impact of the green crabs? Keep investigating! We hope to see another submission from you some day.

-Findings Editorial Board

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