Findings from the Field: A Middle School Journal of Science Research

Accepting articles for Volume 2--now through the May 3, 2019.

Check out Findings from the Field Volume 1.

Findings from the Field is a project out of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. It is a journal to share and celebrate the scientific work of Maine’s middle school students. The journal is focused on ecological and environmental investigations. There are many ways to participate in Findings from the Field.

    A Research Article is a report of a full scientific investigation. It includes all the writing that is involved in a professional article, including an abstract, introduction, methods, results, and conclusions and discussion. It is a great opportunity for a Math, ELA, and science partnership!

    A Research Highlight is a short, focused communication about a full scientific investigation. It does not include all the writing that is involved in a Research Article submission but does entail students going through the full investigation process – from posing questions, to collecting data, to making sense of that data. This format may be more appropriate if you anticipate having less time for writing than the full article requires, or if your students are just conducting this investigation for the first time, and you anticipate the major outcomes of the work will be to revise the investigation design.

    A Nature Note is a detailed description of an interesting or noteworthy observation from the field. Nature Notes are short, specific to a time and place, and grounded in background information. The most exciting Nature Notes add to existing scientific knowledge and/or raise interesting questions for further investigation.

    Peer review allows students to review other students’ work without submitting to Findings from the Field. Students will carefully examine models of student research and develop skills such as providing constructive feedback and a deeper understanding of the collaborative nature of science. Peer review is a great first step towards supporting students in submitting work of their own.

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Middle school (grades 6-8)