Data Quality Hunt

Vital Signs data is used by students, the public, and professional scientists to better understand invasive and native species in Maine. For that reason, observations need to be of a certain quality to ensure their usefulness. Before students do their own data collection, they take time to explore and decide what good quality data looks like.

Project Information
Grade Level: 
Middle school (grades 6-8)
High school (grades 9-12)
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GMRI, Data Quality Hunt, Vital Signs Program, 09/21/11


Having attempted a Vital Signs investigation once before with 8th grade students, I've realized that they MUST be extremely careful when gathering their data. This time, we need to spend more time emphasizing this concept. I like the idea of having them use the Vital Signs site itself in order to critique data that has already been entered and then building a rubric based on their own observations instead of having that developed for them. I would expect that this would give them more of a sense of ownership of their project and help ensure that they take their own data collection very seriously. Thanks for developing this source, it's such an important step.

Thank you for sharing! As I am new to VS, I will definitely run through data collection practice as you suggested with my class before we hit the field!