Data Collection and Random Sampling

5th and 6th graders have written and produced a how-to video detailing some of the potential pitfalls of data collection and how random sampling can help. To see the video please go to

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Project Information
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Breakwater School
Upland - Forest
Resources I used to create this project: 
Video camera rope measuring tape
How should others reference your work?: 
How to do random sampling


I love it! You all made a great video. I particularly love the way you help your viewers learn about density and data collection by sharing the mistakes you made. Mistakes are great learning. It's nice to see them celebrated, not swept under the rug!

Thanks for sharing what you learned with the Vital Signs community!


This is great!

You all do a great job explaining the many pitfalls of sampling. Good sampling is a really important tool that people often misuse. I hope this will help other people plan their investigations. I think "oh, rats!!" is my favorite part :)

Thanks for sharing!