What a day for a Field Day!


On April 11th, 8 fabulous teachers joined the Vital Signs team here in Portland for a day of fun in the sun! This was our first field day of the season and it really started off the field season on a high note.

Spring - where art thou?

    Guest blog post by Rhonda Tate
    April is the month when my mind turns to green grass, rushing streams, and Vital Signs! While it may seem like Vital Signs investigations are a far off dream, my students and I will be headed out into the field to gather some of our ongoing data just next week.

NSTA Conference 2015


Hi all! Christine here. I had the opportunity to attend the NSTA national conference last month. I made some new friends, was introduced to new resources, and learned a lot about NGSS. I'm excited to bring that learning back and share with the community of Vital Signs educators. Here are a few of the highlights.

Field Trips


As warmer temperatures arrive classrooms start to plan their spring field work. You may be asking interesting scientific questions about field sites right on campus. Some of you may be thinking about exciting field sites across town. Maybe you are thinking of partnering with local land trusts?

Senator King's Video Response to Massabesic Middle School

After studying the carbon cycle and climate change a group of students from Mr. Parent's class at Massabesic Middle wrote letters to Senator King asking about the Keystone XL pipeline. He responded to them with a video message! In his video message Sen. King explains the evidence behind climate change and how it might impact us. Check it out!

What questions do you have about climate change?

Maine’s wild soft-shell clams are under threat, but Dr. Beal is fighting back.

photo by VS user mymilkshake1

Last spring we got to help study predation of soft-shell clams with Dr. Brian Beal from the Downeast Institute. There are many predators of soft-shell clams but green crabs are the major threat. Soft-shell clams are one of Maine’s most valuable fisheries, second to lobsters and elvers. Today, just finding clams has become a challenge.

Another new Molly!


Greetings all you Vital Signs citizen scientists! I hope you haven't let all this snow stop you from exploring the outdoors, I know I haven't. If you can't beat the snow, you may as well join it! Now that you've all met Scott I figured I should say hello too.

Meet our New VS Team Member... Scott!

Hello all! Since we’re in the midst of a cold, snowy winter field season I figured that I would take the time to introduce myself to the Vital Signs Community. I came to GMRI in 2014 to work specifically with the LabVenture! and PowerHouse programs focusing on the intersection of technology and education (which I love!). At the start of this year, 2015, I was lucky enough to join the Vital Signs team.

Massabesic Middle School Invasive Species Forum


The Invasive Species Forum that team Aroostook of Massabesic Middle School hosted was on November 6th, 2014. It was an amazing event that occurred to not only increase awareness about invasive species, but it also attempted to get new citizen scientists signed up into Vital Signs.

Fall Field Season 2014 recap


As snow and storms move in and the days grow shorter, it’s time for team VS to look back on the fall field season! As always, fall is the busiest time of year for fieldwork and the numbers certainly support that this year.

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