Set straight by students

Five brave middle school students joined the Vital Signs development team at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth on a summery afternoon for a quick paper prototype test of the data collection protocol, datasheet, and species cards.

Lucky Thirteen

Lucky for the Vital Signs Program, that is!

Thirteen energized middle school teachers from around Maine spent three days this summer sharing their professional experiences and classroom expertise with the Vital Signs development team.

Their input has launched Vital Signs many giant steps forward, and has truly motivated and inspired the Vital Signs team.

Teacher spread

Where teachers are coming from....
Where Vital Signs is likely to invade first....

Institute looms and consumes

Teacher Institute planning screams on....

* Do it.

o We're taking our own inquiry pill. Walking our own inquiry talk. We'll give teachers the opportunity to experience the Vital Signs learning environment as we envision students experiencing it. The assumption is that if we model it, they'll get it and do it like we did it. No retching PowerPoints on how to teach inquiry!
o As with all inquiry, a rich and seamless experience for participants requires serious preparation. Good luck to us PD rookies.

* Are you with us?

Susan Collins

Senator Susan Collins is asking the federal government for $1.25 million for Maine in the fight to control the spread of invasive species.

A marathon of squares

Dr Steve Shane cut and assembled meters of PVC pipe to create 78 sampling quadrats for the teachers attending our Vital Signs Teacher Institute (August 18-20).

Lightning fast progress

Image Works needs a seatbelt and helmet.

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