What a day for a Field Day!


On April 11th, 8 fabulous teachers joined the Vital Signs team here in Portland for a day of fun in the sun! This was our first field day of the season and it really started off the field season on a high note.


The group set out to East End beach on Mission: Green Crab. After setting a transect, laying 1m quadrats down at random intervals, and searching tirelessly, the invasive green crab was found. Check out these great observations: "You know your crabs", "One of these crabs is not like the other".

As an added bonus, this group of teachers got to experiment with using a Foldscope! Knowing we had this awesome tool to play around with, we decided to just look around for an invasive red algae, Heterosiphonia japonica.


In order to really tell the difference between this invasive algae and the native ones, you must look at it under a microscope.


Thankfully, we did not find it. Check out our group observation: We think we did NOT find it.

Just saying, these small paper Foldscopes are really something! See the reactions from teachers.

If you haven't ventured out into the field to gather Vital Signs data yet, we highly recommend it! Happy trails and thanks again to our Vital Signs community for going into the field and seeing what's out there!