Spring Field Season Photo Contest

    Welcome to the Vital Signs Spring Season Photography Contest! We're excited to celebrate the skilled observers in the VS community this spring with a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card and recognition on the VS website for the best photo in each of the following categories:
  • Best Site Photo - capturing the area in which your observations are being made
  • Best Specimen Photo - looking closely at a specimen for the defining features like a scientist would

Photos from ALL species observations and project bank files posted between March 1 to June 10 will automatically be entered to win. So make sure you get your observations and projects published between now and then!

We'll be judging photos on the following criteria:

Photo by B-Scientificalls-i
  1. Composition - Does your photo have enough light? Is your specimen or site in focus? Is it easy to tell the scale of the specimen/site by looking at your photo?
  2. Wow factor! - What makes your photo unique? Have you tried taking the picture from different angles? Does the background highlight or detract from your subject?

In your class you can think about what makes great photos by going through the "Species in focus activity" and exploring the "Best of" evidence photos.

Check out these additional resources from our Vital Signs community on what makes a good evidence photograph: "How to take a scientific photo" and "How to take a photo of a beach rose".

Photography is a wonderful scientific tool for communicating what you're seeing in the field, and we’re excited to celebrate the great photography from the VS community!

Happy Photographing!


We're excited to see what wonderful specimen photos everyone comes up with!