Round 2 - Vital Signs Freshwater Investigation Mini-Grant

We rely on our ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams for drinking water, recreation, and economic opportunities. With 5,700 water bodies and countless waterways, Maine’s freshwater resource managers need Maine students to be citizen scientists in their local freshwater ecosystems, and to help raise awareness in their communities. Freshwater investigations can be challenging - special equipment may be required and field sites may not be accessible from the school campus. To help overcome those challenges, the Vital Signs team along with Maine Volunteer Lakes Program and Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection are hosting round 2 of the Vital Signs Freshwater Investigations Mini-Grant!

Apply for up to $700 for equipment and/or travel support to get your students collecting critical data in freshwater habitats of interest and concern to resource managers and communities. Applications are due Friday, February 9. Mini-Grant awardees will be notified by Friday, March 2. The full application can be found HERE

    Priority will be given to investigations that help monitor for invasive freshwater plants.
    Priority will also be given to investigations planned for spring 2018, but we know spring is a short season. Projects planned for fall of 2018 will also be considered.

This opportunity is generously supported by a grant from the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund (MOHF). MOHF is a program through which proceeds from the sale of a dedicated instant lottery ticket (currently Big Bucks) are used to support outdoor recreation and natural resource conservation. For more information visit MOHF.