NSTA Conference 2015


Hi all! Christine here. I had the opportunity to attend the NSTA national conference last month. I made some new friends, was introduced to new resources, and learned a lot about NGSS. I'm excited to bring that learning back and share with the community of Vital Signs educators. Here are a few of the highlights.

#1 NGSS - We are all learning together. It seemed that no matter who I talked to - teachers, administrators, curriculum developers - the message was consistent. We are all learning about NGSS and how to design instruction, assessment, and implement this new thinking. I also learned and saw some helpful models that I'm excited to put into practice in Vital Signs over the coming months, stay tuned!

#2 Models - Working with models and using models to develop explanations was a common theme. BSCS shared some great resources. I've adapted one for use with the New Bird in Town Activity.

#3 Networking is fun! - I spent lots of time making new friends, which I learned is also called, networking. In addition to teachers from across the country, I met new colleagues from Mountain Goat Instructional Design, Biomimicry Institute, and Project Wet. Other interesting organizations that I learned about included SparkFun and Ocean Classrooms.

Those are just some of the highlights. You can follow along with some of my experience on my twitter page.