Another new Molly!


Greetings all you Vital Signs citizen scientists! I hope you haven't let all this snow stop you from exploring the outdoors, I know I haven't. If you can't beat the snow, you may as well join it! Now that you've all met Scott I figured I should say hello too.

I joined GMRI’s education department in September 2013, as a LabVenture! Fellow, where I worked with 5th and 6th grade students from all 16 counties in Maine. I later began working on GMRI's newest education program, PowerHouse, and most recently, in addition to working with PowerHouse, I have also joined the Vital Signs team! I love working with such a vibrant group of folks here at GMRI and it allows me to purse my loves of education and learning about the natural world.

Although I did grow up in Maine, I haven’t always inhabited the snowy north. After high school I migrated to sunny North Carolina for college and studied biology and German studies. But, alas, I couldn't stay away from Maine. So, I high-tailed it back and worked at both the Baxter State Park and the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, as an Environmental Educator for AmeriCorps and the Maine Conservation Corps.

After leaving AmeriCorps I worked for the Appalachian Mountain Club as a Volunteer Coordinator and enjoyed exploring the glorious and grand White Mountains of New Hampshire. Later I decided to pursue my bird-loving tendencies and earned my MS in Marine Science from the University of New England as a NSF GK-12 Graduate Fellow where I studied Great Blue Heron nesting behavior. My field research also includes grey whale acoustics, saltmarsh ecology, and, grey seal behavior.

I am excited to join the Vital Signs community and share in all of your passion and dedication to Maine's beautiful ecosystems. I look forward to many field seasons ahead!

Molly (HeronThere)