Check out these Field Missions for Spring 2018


After a long and snowy winter, we know that school years will be going late here in Maine-- what a great opportunity to try out a field mission! Here are some of our new missions:

"City" Nature Challenge April 27 - 30


Are you looking for a fun excuse to get outside this spring? Join us in the City Nature Challenge (CNC) on April 27-30 (or, as we’re calling it in Maine, the “City” Nature Challenge).

Climate Change Data

For those of you interested in exploring climate data, here are some of our favorite resources, all of which are free and do not require any log-in:

Submit to Findings from the Field and participate in a community of young researchers

Students from eight schools from across the state are sharing their research through Findings from the Field: a Middle School Journal of Scientific Research and it is not too late for your students to participate, too! We will be accepting new submissions through mid-May.

Emerald Ash Borer Update

Hey there VS Community,

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced an expansion of their Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) quarantine area. It comes right up to the border of Maine, just below Aroostook County line. Read this bulletin for more information.

You can get involved in EAB monitoring efforts with Vital Signs by following the Field Mission steps HERE.

Investigating Macros with Students in the 5th Grade


Guest blog post by Alanna Doughty, educator, Lakes Environmental Association, Bridgton

I am an environmental educator outside of the school, working with lots of different classes. This year I embarked on a macroinvertebrate and water quality analysis with 5th graders.

Climate Change and Invasive Species in the News

How do marine debris and climate change affect the movement of species across the world's oceans? Will we see a new wave of marine invasives as extreme weather events become the norm? Check out this news article from ecoRInews: Riding the Waves: Invasion of Exotic Marine Species.

Loranger Memorial School 6th grade Science Investigation- Is the Goosefare Brook a healthy ecosystem?


Guest blog post by Laura Seaver-Maley, Loranger Memorial School, Old Orchard Beach

Our investigation revolved around the question, “Is Goosefare Brook a healthy ecosystem?”

Fall 2017 Field Season in Review


The Fall 2017 field season was a season of diving deeper for the Vital Signs Community. Citizen scientists from all across the state and into NH gathered and shared meaningful, environmental data.

Round 2 - Vital Signs Freshwater Investigation Mini-Grant

We rely on our ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams for drinking water, recreation, and economic opportunities. With 5,700 water bodies and countless waterways, Maine’s freshwater resource managers need Maine students to be citizen scientists in their local freshwater ecosystems, and to help raise awareness in their communities. Freshwater investigations can be challenging - special equipment may be required and field sites may not be accessible from the school campus.

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