Biodiversity Data Investigations Online PD Module

Goals for this anytime anywhere module:
1. Understand why working with data is important and a key part of doing science and an opportunity to bridge the math and science disciplines.
2. Recognize student understanding of and skill with statistical questions and variability as parts of being science literate.
3. Become familiar with Invasive Species & Biodiversity Vital Signs Data Investigation curriculum.
4. Develop comfort with aspects of the curriculum that support students in identifying and asking statistical questions, describing distributions and variability, and comparing distributions.

• The module is estimated to take 12 hours and you will receive 12 contact hours upon completion.
• The module is broken up into suggested weekly pace, but feel free to complete at your own pace and on your own timeline.

Things you’ll need:
• Email to request the “electronic binder” that accompanies this module and includes readings and activities. Where possible we have also included internet links to readings and activities.
• Internet access including access to Vital Signs website
• Jenga or access to online Jenga simulator (some examples can be found in the curriculum)
• Supplies for sampling game (optional)
o 6-sided die
o assortment of candies like M&Ms or substitute assorted beans or dried pasta
o sheet of paper

Project Information
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Professional development
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Vital Signs, Biodiversity Data Investigations Online PD Module, Vital Signs Program, 07/13/16
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