Are Green Crabs Invasive?

Green crabs are invasive and bad. Green crabs are overpopulated and they overpopulate other crabs. On October 23 2017 my class went to Reid state Park to collect green crab data and why their invasive. We went to Reid State Park and we caught and released green crabs, and while we had them we measured from the last spine to last spine on each side. These three pie charts show how many male and females we caught at Reid State Park. Two of the pie charts have more males than females but the last one at Fort Popham show more females than males. We noticed that the green crabs don’t die as easily. Also there are a lot more males than females that we caught.

Project Information
City or Town: 
School or Organization: 
Bath Middle School
Scientific name:
Carcinus maenas
Common name:
Green crab
Coastal - Rocky intertidal
Resources I used to create this project: 
See my article for works cited.


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