Analysis: YOUR Analysis Mission

We’re excited that you have a question that you think Vital Signs data can help answer. Share your Analysis Mission with us so we can compare results across the community to draw more robust (powerful) conclusions.


To Share your Analysis Mission

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Complete Analysis Mission submissions will be posted to Mission: Analysis.

A complete Analysis Mission includes:

  • The question driving your analysis
  • The steps to search the VS database for the data you need
  • The steps to do this analysis, including the programs we need to use (Numbers, Excel) and math concepts that we might need to review (averages)
  • How challenging do you think this Analysis Mission is? Rate it. (Consider the number of steps, the number of concepts, and the number of different programs required)
  • Analysis: Change over time would be an example of an easier mission (2 on our scale of 1 to 5). It requires using the Vital Signs map and advanced search to visualize change over time.

    Analysis: Lake Vulnerability requires a few more steps as well as more sources of data. It's a little more challenging (4 on our scale of 1 to 5).

Optional parts to include:

  • Project ideas for sharing results
  • Photos and screen shots that guide us and get us excited about your Mission
  • Field Missions that collect the data you need
  • A quick How-To Guide like this one